Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa visit

We had a great time visiting Santa on December 1--for the past few years, we've gone to a local realty agency where they've got a great set-up.  No lines for Santa, they take your picture and e-mail it to you for free, and Abby always enjoys the cookies/hot chocolate.  Even though Abby sat willingly on Santa's lap last year, this year was truly the first year where she's been excited to sit and talk with him.  She went right up and sat on his lap:

I figured that Norah would be fine, and she was--she seemed pretty indifferent about sitting on Santa's lap:

Our friends, the Clark's, were the ones who told us about this a few years ago, so it's always fun to try to coordinate visiting at the same time.  This year, we were all impressed at how ALL of our kiddos sat on Santa's lap with no fear!  Abby and Olivia enjoyed their treats:

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