Wednesday, December 12, 2012

9 months old

I wasn't sure if blogger would let me post pictures or not...I've been having some issues with photo storage space, so I'm happy that it's finally working!  I have a few old blog posts to put up, but hopefully will get caught up now that it's working!

Anyway, Norah turned 9 months old last Monday...we somehow missed getting any camera shots of her at 8 months besides a couple I took on my camera, so tried to have a good photo shoot this time around...didn't go so well with our mobile baby!  Norah is definitely on the move at 9 months!  She started crawling around 8 1/2 months, and now is into anything she can get to before someone catches her (her big favorite right now is the Christmas tree/presents).  She also puts EVERYTHING into her mouth (especially Abby's shoes), which makes life extra interesting!  She also has learned how to pull herself up on things (mainly her crib--she went through a little phase where she couldn't get back down, so would pull herself up and cry in her crib).  She pulled herself up in the bathtub yesterday--we have our hands full with this one!  Even though she is WAY busier than Abby ever was, she is still the biggest sweetheart.  So happy all of the time, and so easygoing.  Lately, we've had some special cuddle time after her bottle/before bed, rocking in the rocking chair.  It has become my favorite part of the day--she is growing up too fast and with how busy she is, I'm so glad she'll still take time to cuddle.

Dave took Norah in for her 9-month checkup last week, and she is still our little peanut.  15 pounds, 4 ounces (5th percentile); 26.9 inches long (25th percentile).  Dr. Mark wasn't concerned about her weight because she's doing just fine with her developmental skills.  We are so excited to celebrate her first Christmas in just a couple of weeks!

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