Sunday, November 18, 2012

Whatever Craft Weekend

Last weekend was amazing--the ultimate girls' weekend.  I had the opportunity to road-trip to Newton, Kansas with two of my friends, Amy and Tiffany, for Whatever Craft Weekend.  I started following Meg's blog about a year and a half ago, after discovering it through Amy's blog.  When Amy invited me in August, I couldn't believe it--hundreds of people are on the list, and I never imagined that I'd ever get the chance to experience this.

Amy and Tiffany picked me up early Friday morning, and the trip down to Kansas went pretty fast.  We were SO excited when we finally made it to Newton that we had to stop for a couple of (windy) Newton pictures.  We arrived a couple of hours early, so we first drove by the house to make sure we knew where it was.  We felt a little like stalkers, but were already in awe of how amazing the house looked.  We checked out a couple of shops in town to kill time.

Friday night was so much fun--meeting Meg and Kimberlee, and helpers Megan and Becky, checking out the incredible house, delicious fajita supper, and getting right to work on the ruffle aprons.  Being a very beginner sewer, I was probably most nervous about this craft, but ended up enjoying it the most.  A local news crew was doing a report on the craft weekend, so they were around while we were working on our aprons, taping and interviewing some of us.  Around midnight, we loaded into the 15 passenger van and drove to the local donut shop, which opens at 11:30 on Fridays and is a big hangout for this college town.  When we got back, some continued working on their aprons and some (me included) were just too exhausted and went to bed.

My bed
Amy, Tiffany, and I got to sleep in this cute room

The swag--amazing!

Photo courtesy of Tiffany--cutting fabric for our aprons

My finished apron

Saturday morning, we had another delicious meal made by Kimberlee--cinnamon rolls, eggs, yogurt, and fruit.  We had some time to finish our aprons and get ready, then headed out for a day of antiquing.  We went to a local town to a cute antique store, then out of town a little bit to The Barn.  It was fun to see all of the treasures that people found when we got back to the craft house and spread everything out on the table.  After The Barn, we stopped at Sonic for happy hour.  We enjoyed our treats out of the wind in the van.

After sharing all of our treasures from antiquing, it was time to get to crafting.  Meg and Megan introduced our 5 projects for the night, and we got right to work.  We only stopped for a yummy chili supper and amazing cheesecake break later on.  Here are pictures of my final projects:

It was another late night, but fun to have time to create and learn more about the women from all around the country who had also come to craft weekend.

In the morning, after our last amazing meal from Kimberlee (creme brulee french toast), we took pictures and got packed up.

Meg and me
Me with Kimberlee
Meg, Becky, Megan, and Kimberlee

This weekend was exactly what I needed--time to do something just for me, a little break from real life, and a chance to create.  Meg and Kimberlee were so gracious and kind, and are such down-to-earth, incredible women.  I'm so blessed to have met them and the other amazing women from the weekend.  Definitely an unforgettable experience!


  1. Yeah! Fun to read your post. I love the different photos you captured. I wish I would have taken more pictures! And I forgot to mention the news crew in my blog! Doh.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing. Living vicariously through you gals :)

  3. Finally catching up on everyone's CW blog posts - it's so much fun viewing the different perspectives of everyone. It was great meeting you! Your girls are too cute. :-)

  4. How did I miss this? So fun to read and see your pictures, even a few weeks late :)