Sunday, November 4, 2012

8 months old

I can't believe that Norah turned 8 months old yesterday!  She's still just a little peanut, weighing in at just 14 1/2 pounds on our baby scale that we are borrowing from a friend.  She's still a busy, happy little girl--loves her piano and Little People toys, playing with Abby and Sadie, and her puffs and yogurt melt snacks.  She really only gets upset when she's hungry at suppertime, and is otherwise very content.  She's been getting tired around 6:30 each night, and sleeping pretty well at night, but caught a cold this weekend (of course, when Dave is gone for 4 nights) and has had a rough couple of nights of sleep.  No crawling yet, but she can roll wherever she wants to get, especially if she spots something that she really wants to put in her mouth.  I realized today that Dave took our camera hunting, so had to just take a couple of quick pics with my camera--I'll have to try to snap a couple of clearer shots when he gets back.  I can tell these photo shoots are going to get more and more challenging the more mobile she gets!  I tried to get a good shot of her sitting in the rocking chair, but she wanted to turn around and look behind her.

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