Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin patch

Life/school has been pretty crazy lately, with conferences, meetings, and schoolwork galore, leaving little family time...  Our weekends have been full as well, with no end in sight until probably Thanksgiving.  It's just a little crazy, so when the opportunity presented itself to meet up with Dave in New Prague after work on what was probably the last nice evening, we snatched it up and headed to the local pumpkin patch to stock up for Halloween and get some cute photos of the girls.  Abby has an amazing memory--she said, "Do you remember when I didn't want my picture taken here?"  She was referring to last year, when it was really sunny and she cried when getting her photo taken by the big display out front.  She was much more cooperative this year, and we got some good pics.  Abby got to pick out a pumpkin for herself and Norah, and helped make sure Norah wasn't eating too much hay or getting into trouble.  :)  Soaking up these precious moments with my girls!

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  1. Isn't live just crazy with work and family. Ug. I wish is were easier! I'm glad you got a little fun family time in. The pictures are adorable. :)