Sunday, October 7, 2012

7 months old

Our sweet Norah girl turned 7 months old last Wednesday.  Life has been crazy busy lately, so we finally found time to take her 7-month pictures today.  She is such a happy baby--loves everyone and everything, especially anything she can put into her mouth!  She's going to be a busy one once she's mobile.  She will grab anything that looks fun/yummy--necklaces, buttons, tags, etc.  She loves sitting up and playing with her toys, especially her piano and Little People.  She's tried lots of new foods in the past month, and really hasn't found anything she doesn't like.  A new favorite is Gerber puffs, which she can pick up and put in her mouth on her own.  Those are a nice distraction when she's fussy at suppertime (which happens when we don't feed her fast enough!).  She's still doing great at daycare, and has even started going to ECFE class on Wednesday nights.  She's not a fan of staying up past 7 on those nights, but is enjoying the toys and the friends there.  She's really settled into a good routine, taking two good naps at daycare each day and then sleeping from 7-6:30 most nights.  Now that she's discovered how much she loves sleeping on her stomach, the nights are going a lot better (she was in a phase where she'd end up in the corner of her crib on her stomach, stuck, crying in the middle of the night).  Norah's still a peanut, weighing in at only 14 pounds.  Here are some pics from her 7-month photo shoot:

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