Sunday, September 16, 2012

1st day of preschool!

A big milestone in the Olsen household last Tuesday...the first day of preschool!  We would have loved to have given Abby the opportunity to attend preschool several times a week, during the day, but with our job and daycare locations, it just isn't possible.  We are lucky that our local ECFE program has an evening preschool, just for families like ours.  It isn't a lot, but hopefully attending one night a week will help get Abby feeling prepared for Kindergarten next fall.

She was a bundle of nervous energy Tuesday afternoon before her first night--apparently, her way of dealing with nerves is to become completely goofy.  Once she finished her first night, though, I think she was relieved that it was really not that much different than the ECFE classes she's been attending for awhile now--even the same teacher.  Her main worries were that she'd have to work hard and color a lot.  Oh my...just wait until you're out of preschool, kiddo!

Here she is, all ready for preschool:

She told me on the way home from daycare that day that she either wants to be a kitty or teacher when she grows up (this was in her goofy state before we went to preschool that evening...).

Here is Abby with her buddy Alex, and in front of the door to preschool:

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