Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flandrau State Park

On Friday, we took a road trip to Flandrau Sate Park in New Ulm--Dave had the day off, summer is winding down, and we wanted to do something fun before the crazy school life starts up again on Monday!  Flandrau was a lot of fun--we did some geocaching and hiking in the morning before it got too hot, then picnicked.  A bee was bothering Abby and hanging around her food, so Abby ended up finishing most of her picnic lunch later.  It was starting to get pretty hot after lunch, so it was perfect timing for the pool!  Flandrau has an awesome sand-bottom, chlorinated pool.  It's sectioned off by depths, and has nice clear water.  It was perfect after our hike and a great way to cool off.  We had so much fun there!

After Flandrau, we went downtown and checked out a few shops in New Ulm before heading home.  We'll definitely be visiting this park again--it would be a fun place to camp and have the option to swim and explore downtown New Ulm some more!

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  1. I declare that we are officially going to be the Olsen family state park trip stalkers. I've wanted to go to each park you post about... We need to start crossing more of those off our passport!