Friday, August 3, 2012

County fair

For the past couple of years, it's been tradition for us to spend an afternoon/evening at the Freeborn County Fair with Dave's family.  Abby's at the age this year where she really gets into it, so she had a blast.  It was HOT, of course, but we stayed in the shade and were happy when the cloud cover came and cooled things down around 7.  Big hits for Abby this year:  pig races, baby animal barn, riding the pony and merry-go-round by herself (she would not allow any of us to stand by her on either ride), the elephant show/getting to ride an elephant with Dave's mom, and a race car ride.  She has definitely gotten much braver and seemed so grown up this year.

This year, Dave's mom entered some of Abby's photography from our June fishing trip and flowers that she and Abby planted together.  Abby was excited to earn two blue and two red ribbons for her photography and a purple Grand Champion ribbon for her flowers.

I realized that I took one picture of Norah the entire night--she was such a trooper, enduring the heat and happily hanging out while Abby had lots of fun.

Abby already can't wait for next year's fair!

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