Wednesday, August 15, 2012

College cabin weekend

We always enjoy our annual cabin weekend with my college friends, and this year was no exception!  Beautiful weather, lots of fun time with friends, and delicious food!  We started out the weekend by driving up to Bill and Katherine's house so that Abby could ride up with them.  She had so much fun sitting in the back with her buddy Harold, and especially loved their DQ stop on the way up.  We were going to join them, but had to take advantage of the fact that Norah slept the whole way--had to keep going!  After everyone arrived Friday night, we enjoyed delicious homemade personal pizzas made by Bill and Katherine. The kiddos took some time to warm up to each other at the kids' table:

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day!  We had a yummy breakfast made by the Brekkes, then got packed up for a day at the beach.  The water was great, and we all had a blast playing in the lake and in the sand, and some even went tubing and canoeing.

After a picnic lunch, we headed back for nap time--a necessity now with all of the little kiddos.  Abby and Jannah watched a movie while waiting for the littler ones to wake up:

We spent the rest of Saturday playing outside, jumping on the neighbor's water trampoline, going for a post-supper walk, and playing games after the kids went to sleep.

The weekend always goes too fast--before we knew it, it was Sunday!  After another yummy breakfast made by the Schwartz's, we had a baby shower/celebration for baby Rhua and Norah, born just four days apart.  My friend Amy made the bib that was part of the gift we gave Rhua:

It's been tradition for the girls to create a baby quilt/wall hanging for each family when they have their first baby.  This is the last of the baby quilts:

Katherine made cookies (another tradition) for Rhua and Norah:

We managed to squeeze in some more outdoor fun, thank-you card writing, and dishes before we needed to pack up:

And finally, a group picture!  Matt, Kristina, and Rhua (5 months); Dave, myself, Abby (4), and Norah (5 months); Bill, Katherine, and Harold (2); Erik, Susie, Jannah (5), and Emilia (2):

Can't wait for next year!

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