Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flandrau State Park

On Friday, we took a road trip to Flandrau Sate Park in New Ulm--Dave had the day off, summer is winding down, and we wanted to do something fun before the crazy school life starts up again on Monday!  Flandrau was a lot of fun--we did some geocaching and hiking in the morning before it got too hot, then picnicked.  A bee was bothering Abby and hanging around her food, so Abby ended up finishing most of her picnic lunch later.  It was starting to get pretty hot after lunch, so it was perfect timing for the pool!  Flandrau has an awesome sand-bottom, chlorinated pool.  It's sectioned off by depths, and has nice clear water.  It was perfect after our hike and a great way to cool off.  We had so much fun there!

After Flandrau, we went downtown and checked out a few shops in New Ulm before heading home.  We'll definitely be visiting this park again--it would be a fun place to camp and have the option to swim and explore downtown New Ulm some more!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


As the start of the school year gets closer and closer, I feel like I am in "nesting" mode--even more so than right before Norah was born.  With a little bit of panic that I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to this spring/summer, I've been cleaning out closets, weeding out clothes, ironing pretty much everything in my closet, cleaning out the fridge/freezer/cupboards, meal planning, grocery shopping, and trying to finish up projects that have been on my to-do list since March.  Here's one project that Abby and I worked on this afternoon:

Earlier this spring, I bought the frame in the clearance section of Michael's.  I used leftover scrapbook paper from Norah's scrapbook, clothespins I had at school, and photo paper to print all of the meals on.  Abby was excited to help me modge podge the scrapbook paper on the clothespins.  Hopefully it will help keep us organized for meals this school year, and help keep us from getting in the rut of eating the same things over and over again.

I'm going to try to force myself to get out of "panic mode" tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday and just RELAX and ENJOY the last few days of maternity leave/summer vacation and soak up time with my sweet girls...

Summer sports

Abby had fun doing a few activities this summer--VBS, swimming lessons, t-ball, and gymnastics.  They were pretty spread out throughout the summer, and it was nice for Abby to get a little taste of several things. T-ball wrapped up this week, after 4 sessions.  Due to a weather cancellation one week, the sessions were a little more stretched out and went later into August than expected.  Abby had fun, but definitely preferred hitting and running bases over throwing/catching practice.  Abby especially enjoyed hanging out with her friends Alex and Olivia--especially on the last night, when they ended with a "game".  Whenever Abby, Alex, and Olivia were in the field, they spent their time chatting or discussing how they should stand--paying no attention to what was going on in the game.  Watching 3-5 year olds play a game of t-ball in general was pretty hilarious.  Here are some t-ball pics:

The kiddos were rewarded with freezie pops by the coach after the last session:

Gymnastics was one of Abby's favorite summer activities--something she'd never tried before.  It was pretty brief--just 3 sessions, but Abby's bravery increased each week.  She loved the different activities, especially the rope swing.

She worked her way up to jumping in the foam pit and walking on the high balance beam.  Here she is practicing on the low beam:

It's been a fun summer!

Monday, August 20, 2012

ECFE cabin weekend--take 2!

Last weekend, we had our 2nd annual cabin weekend with our group of ECFE friends that we've been hanging out with since Abby was a baby.  Last year, we enjoyed hanging out at the Chadwick's cabin.  This year, we spent the weekend at the Clark's cabin, and had a blast--the weather couldn't have been more perfect, and the company was great!  We made it up Friday afternoon, followed by the Slaviks, then the Chadwicks, and later on, the Guses.  Friday night was perfect for a campfire and s'mores:

On Saturday, we woke up to a delicious breakfast of cinnamon roll pancakes made by the Chadwicks:

Saturday was spent playing, going for canoe/paddle boat/boat rides, swimming in the pool, eating more delicious meals, and more.  The ladies even got out for a couple of hours to check out the flea market and antique/gift shops in Battle Lake.  The guys had a couple of fishing/boat excursions, and we ended the evening with another bonfire.

After breakfast Sunday, we managed to get some group pictures of the kiddos before the Slaviks and Guses had to take off.  The group has sure grown!

With only three families left, we took a relaxing boat ride around the lake, worked on packing up while the kids continued to play, and had one last lunch together.  We had a great time, and look forward to next year's adventure!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

College cabin weekend

We always enjoy our annual cabin weekend with my college friends, and this year was no exception!  Beautiful weather, lots of fun time with friends, and delicious food!  We started out the weekend by driving up to Bill and Katherine's house so that Abby could ride up with them.  She had so much fun sitting in the back with her buddy Harold, and especially loved their DQ stop on the way up.  We were going to join them, but had to take advantage of the fact that Norah slept the whole way--had to keep going!  After everyone arrived Friday night, we enjoyed delicious homemade personal pizzas made by Bill and Katherine. The kiddos took some time to warm up to each other at the kids' table:

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day!  We had a yummy breakfast made by the Brekkes, then got packed up for a day at the beach.  The water was great, and we all had a blast playing in the lake and in the sand, and some even went tubing and canoeing.

After a picnic lunch, we headed back for nap time--a necessity now with all of the little kiddos.  Abby and Jannah watched a movie while waiting for the littler ones to wake up:

We spent the rest of Saturday playing outside, jumping on the neighbor's water trampoline, going for a post-supper walk, and playing games after the kids went to sleep.

The weekend always goes too fast--before we knew it, it was Sunday!  After another yummy breakfast made by the Schwartz's, we had a baby shower/celebration for baby Rhua and Norah, born just four days apart.  My friend Amy made the bib that was part of the gift we gave Rhua:

It's been tradition for the girls to create a baby quilt/wall hanging for each family when they have their first baby.  This is the last of the baby quilts:

Katherine made cookies (another tradition) for Rhua and Norah:

We managed to squeeze in some more outdoor fun, thank-you card writing, and dishes before we needed to pack up:

And finally, a group picture!  Matt, Kristina, and Rhua (5 months); Dave, myself, Abby (4), and Norah (5 months); Bill, Katherine, and Harold (2); Erik, Susie, Jannah (5), and Emilia (2):

Can't wait for next year!