Sunday, July 15, 2012

Swimming lessons

Abby just finished up swimming lessons (or swimming "lentists", as Abby liked to call them) last week.  After doing two summers of the "Mommy and Me" type class in Montgomery, where I was in the pool with her, we tried out the lessons in New Prague this year.  For the first week, they spent their time in the kiddie pool, practice some front/back floats with help from the swim teachers, blowing bubbles in the pool, and getting more comfortable in the water.  Last week, for the last three days of lessons, they strapped on the life jackets and practiced jumping in the pool and swimming to the ladder, then worked up to jumping off the diving board.  Abby was too nervous to jump by herself, so needed some assistance getting into the pool.  A couple of times, she did go underwater and did just fine when she popped back up.  She told me that she knew to close her eyes and mouth for that part.  We were hoping for a little bit more out of swimming lessons this year, but Abby had fun going to the pool with her friends.  At least she's gaining confidence and enjoyment in the water, and hopefully next year, she can learn even more independence in the pool!

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