Friday, July 6, 2012

Good Earth Village

Last week, Abby attended Vacation Bible School at the church I grew up going to in Rochester, and spent a few days staying with my mom.  Since Dave had last Thursday and Friday off, we decided to go down to pick Abby up and spend an afternoon at Good Earth Village, the camp where Dave and I met as camp counselors 11 years ago (also the beautiful place we were married at in 2005).  It has been a LONG time since we've been back at camp--so long, in fact, that the only staff members that are still the same are the cook and property manager.  It was definitely fun and nostalgic visiting, but also a little strange--you expect that time has stood still and nothing has changed, but when our good friends aren't there and things really HAVE changed, it's a weird feeling.  It was fun to run into a few summer staff members we knew--one, the sister of one of our camp friends who was a camper at one of the day camps I led, and two guys that were former campers of Dave's.  Camp was as beautiful as ever, and it was fun to show it to Abby.  It was a really hot day, though, so she quickly got tired of hiking.  She and Dave splashed around in the creek a bit before we headed back up to our car.  We need to save up our money for family camp next summer--we think Abby would have a blast!

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