Sunday, July 15, 2012

Girls' cabin trip

Every summer for the past several years, my college friend Kristina and I have been taking a trip up to her family's cabin for a few days or a week--just the girls.  It started out being us and our dogs, then we added Abby for a few years.  This year we added two--Norah and Rhua, born just four days apart.  We weren't sure about how we'd get up there with one vehicle, but we made it!  Thank goodness for the extra row option in our car and the fact that all floor space in the back two rows was available.  The babies were well taken care of by Abby in the middle, and the dogs slept in the back row.

We enjoyed two full days up there--went to the beach to swim/picnic twice, went for a walk with the babies in Kristina's Chariot stroller and Abby in our Bob stroller, danced in the rain--the only little bit of rain the whole trip, played with the dogs by the dock/lake, played some games, relaxed, and I even managed to read a book while up there!

On Saturday, Kristina did a triathlon nearby, so her husband, Matt, came up to help with Rhua.  We took the kiddos to cheer her on, then Abby, Norah, Sadie, and I took off after lunch.  The ride home was long, but we made it 3 1/2 hours before needing to stop to feed Norah, then survived the last hour home.  All in all, a successful, fun, but fast trip!  We proved that we really can keep up the tradition, even though things are a little busier up there...we'll see about next year, when we're keeping one-year-olds off the dock and out of the lake!

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  1. Fun! I'm still impressed you can handle all of that. And I can't believe you managed to read a book too! That last picture of the girls is adorable! :)