Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Connor's visit

Last week was a busy week at our house--my cousin Connor (age 12) and Dave's parents' golden retriever Jessi stayed with us for the week.  I planned lots of fun, cheap/free activities to keep us busy, and Connor did an awesome job taking the time to play with and entertain Abby while we were at home.  Here is what we fit in during the week:

Monday:  Dave had the day off, so took Connor to Albert Lea to do some fishing--it was hot, but they had a good time!  To cool off, we went to the Northfield pool for their "Twilight Swim" (after 5:00, it's only $2.75 per person).  We all had a blast, and Abby was finally brave enough to jump off the side into our arms.  So brave that she told us she wanted to jump in by herself at the end.  We love this pool because of the zero-depth entry and the little splash pad area that you can go in even when they have the lifeguard break.

Tuesday:  In addition to lots of playing, Connor, Abby, and I baked chocolate chip cookies and we played out in our kiddie pool.  Dave and Connor took Abby to her first t-ball practice in the evening.  Abby also needed to turn in her completed summer reading log at the library, so she took Connor to help her pick out some new books there.

Wednesday:  We went to the free movie at the Lakeville theater, "Puss in Boots" with Abby's friend Olivia and her mom, Tiffany.  All of the kids enjoyed it, and Norah even did really well and ate/slept during it.  After a rainy afternoon and an unexpected cool-down, we went over to Tiffany's family's place for dinner and a swim.  We are so thankful that they invited us over--Connor and Abby had a blast, and Abby even tried the diving board once!

Thursday:  Dave took a floating holiday at work, so took Connor fishing in Dundas at the river.  After naptime, we headed out to the zoo for our bank's special night at the zoo--free admission to both the zoo and the dinosaur exhibit.  It was pretty crazy there--the most people we've ever seen there--and hot, but we still had a good time.  Abby enjoyed cooling off in the splash pad at the end, and we all enjoyed some yummy Raising Cane's chicken fingers on our way home.

Friday:  We went back to Tiffany's family's pool for another swim before Dave had to head to work.  After naptime, we loaded everyone up and met my parents in Owatonna, where they took Abby and Connor down to Iowa (we met up with them Saturday, since Dave had to work late).

We had a great time!  Connor kept Abby entertained, Jessi kept Sadie entertained, and we found some fun things to do throughout the week.  We're looking forward to planning Connor's visit for next summer!

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  1. Wow! I still can't believe all the fun you were able to fit into a week! We were happy to share in some of the activities. Connor seems like such a great kid!