Friday, July 6, 2012

Chore chart

I've been wanting to make a chore chart for Abby since I've been home on maternity leave--we've had some issues with me asking Abby to do something, and her refusing or saying she doesn't want to.  I was hoping that this might get her excited to help out, or if not, just realize that helping out is a part of what you do as a family.  She helped me pick out the ribbon (pink Hello Kitty) and we bought some chalkboard paint and a cheap cookie sheet.  I "borrowed" the magnetic tape from my classroom and used some photo paper that I had to make the magnetic chores.  I came up with several ideas of things that Abby could do, then made the little cards, adding a picture for each so Abby would know what each one was.  So far, it's been semi-helpful.  I'm still getting a few "I don't want to"s, but she does like moving the magnets over to the "done" side and choosing a couple of chores for her "to do" side each morning.

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