Friday, July 6, 2012

4 months old

Norah turned 4 months old on the 3rd!  We managed to squeeze in some cute pics on our busy day.

We visited the doctor yesterday, where Norah weighed in at 11 pounds, 11 ounces (10th percentile) and was 24 inches long (50th percentile).  Dr. Mark talked to me a little bit about how much she spits up and how she hasn't had a lot of weight gain--he's not concerned, but did give us a prescription for something that might help if acid reflux is the cause.  He also gave us the okay to try her on rice cereal, since she holds her head up so well and it might help her get some extra calories.  We tested them out, but she wasn't a fan this first time:

At 4 months old, Norah is a busy girl!  She prefers to be on the move, walking around with someone, but not sitting in your lap (unless she's eating).  She loves laying on her back and playing with (eating) her toys and kicking around.  She's recently found her feet and discovered that she can chew on those, too:

We've gone through some issues with eating and sleeping this past month, and things have gotten a lot better for both.  She'll now take a bottle occasionally and will switch back to nursing without a fuss (we had both bottle and nursing strikes in June).  She's taking better naps during the day, which seems to be helping at night, too.  This week, we've had some really good nights, the best being last night where she slept for almost 12 hours!  The 4-month shots must have made her really tired, because that's not her normal night, although we are making progress!

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